Friday, May 28, 2010

The Things I Want The Most

In the future all I want is hard working, resourceful, appreciative, self-sufficient children raised to be atheletic, musically talented and electronically inclined with networking skills off the charts. I don't want to raise obese, skilless, overly dependent, emotionally stunted piles of jello with no self esteem. Why do so many parents today raise infants to be children who turn thirty and are still not able to move out of the basement? I want to raise children to be adults who are out of the house by eighteen so the wife and I can enjoy the whole house to ourselves again and again. Is that so bad? I would like to see the helicopter parenting trend go the way of the dodo bird. I wonder if its just a social experiment of modern parents or if its here to stay and be the current standard of parenting? If it is I truly fear for the future of our country. If not, then no fear! : )

Friday, May 21, 2010

Round For The Boys

If it's good enough........
You know we're built tough..........
And we're out for you......
Round for the boys....
Yeah we die in wars....
Drink in bars.....
And crash big cars......
It was all for you.........
Round for the boys....
Just to see that smile........
See that grin.....
Makes it worth it........
Again and again.....
I've made a fool of myself....
Ruined my health.....
In front of this whole town......
I spiraled down......
When I stole that car.....
And drove it to that bar....
Now you're mad at me....
Round for the boys.......
And I had those pills.....
Chased those thrills.........
Paid that bill.....
So what.....
Yeah we're the boys........
We got the toys....
And make the noise.......
And it's was all for you..........
Just to see that smile.....
See that grin.......
Makes it worth it...............
Round for the boys.......
And we drew the maps .....
Set those traps .....
Take lots of crap but .....
Always want more ....
When the going gets rough ...
You know we'll get tough ...
You can count on me ...
For you .....
Yeah we're the boys........
We got the toys....
And make the noise.......
And it's was all for you..........
Just to see that smile.....
See that grin.......
Makes it worth it...............
Round for the boys.......

I'm Going to JJ's

The 3 red ones first came followed by two orange ones
Chased down with the juice all in the name of fun
I just wanna be myself I hope you don't mind
I can offend people from time to time *let's go
I'm -a going -ta JJ's my life revolves around my paydays
It's an electric revolution i wanna refresh
This week is burnin 'red

Four small blue squares on the tongue
Then we turned into young rich rock stars
People at the rocks there's a party at the pit
But don't follow me do as you see fit *cause
I'm -a going -ta JJ's my life revolves around my paydays
It's an electric revolution I wanna refresh
This week is burning red

Status Quo

What are we fighting for?
Do you even know anymore?
Will you run when the sky crashes down?
The writings on the wall we can't ignore.

Where does the money go?
Do you even care to know?
You'll do anything for your status quo.

Keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine.
Keep your eyes on the floor.
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
So just don't rock the boat.

They're trying to hurt democracy.
So they can benefit financially.
Who's side will you stand on when the soldiers come?

Where does the water go?
Will all the oil turn to a black snow?
How expensive will fresh water be?
Will it cost the same for you and me?

Someday we'll have to pay for fresh air.
Someday there won't be any trees.
Till then just keep cruising in your SUV's.

No matter what I buy won't make me happy.
No matter what I own won't make me see.
There's no pill to take to fit in society.
Spare the rod, spoil the adult appropriately.

You'll do anything for your status quo
You'll say anything for your status quo
You'll hurt anyone for your status quo

We Got

Why're you making out like you had it raw
If you only knew what people do
Have you ever stopped to think of things you do
Sometimes doing the right thing it could hurt you too

It's not so bad you got it 'cause we got
SUV's and DVD's and VCD's and MP3's
PDA's, PVR's sat phone cell phone hydrocar

Why you making out like you had it lean
If you only knew where I've been
Have you ever stopped to think of things you seen
Sometimes doing thing right thing the will to intervene

It's not so bad you got it 'cause we got
SUV's and DVD's and VCD's and MP3's
PDA's, PVR's sat phone cell phone hydrocar

So the next time you're in doubt
Think of those who go without
It's not so bad.........
Slow down you're not that hot

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Slick

I can't believe that oil spill is still going strong in the Gulf of Mexico. The reports keep coming in of how the oil has accelerated in it's pressure ever since the first leak and the amount that has escaped the underground ocean pocket is far greater than originally thought. It's been spilling from it's undersea chamber since March 20th when an offshore oil rig exploded killing eleven rig workers and causing a very difficult spill roughly a kilometer and a half under the surface where the water pressure is roughly twentyfive hundred pounds per square inch and freezing cold waters which make any efforts to cap it next to impossible due to the extremely dangerous conditions. The undrwater spill has been spraying roughly five thousand barrels of oil (800,00 litres) a day into the Gulf for pretty much a month now. The first efforts to cap it failed, they lowered a huge concrete cone down there to funnel the oil flow and capture it's escape but underwater temperatures caused the space in the top part of the cone to freeze making the concrete cone useless and costing BP Oil even more financially and losing them even more face with the public. Oil companies are a necessity to our way of life for better or worse and this could have happened to any company. Risk is the only assurance in such business. I only hope we can get a hold on this issue before there is permament and long term damage to that area in the ocean. Oceanlife there will be affected for decades and as the Gulf of Mexico is a spawning ground for so many different types of fish we're going to see a generation gap in many species for a very long time. There's also going to be a massive "dead zone" of de-oxigenated water in the Gulf which will make plant life in the area die off and to grow back very difficult. Time will tell. Vacations to coastal Florida? Not likely. The only places I can compare this to are old nuclear testing sites which are pretty much environmental disaster zones which require at least fifty years for some of the damage to abate. What will we learn from this? No idea. Beachfront property in Florida might have just got a whole lot cheaper.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What's The Deal?

I used to work sales. I have to say selling anything electronic to a baby boomer is one of the worst experiences in sales anyone could ever have the curse of going through. They always want to buy the cheapest piece of electronic crap they can find with no understanding of "you get what you pay for" when it comes to electronics. The thing about baby boomers is they were raised in a time when the bigger, badder, more energy using cars, trucks, vans, SUV's were the optimal purchase. So the end result is they don't think it strange to throw down sixty thousand dollars on a massive gas-guzzling street-terrorizing roadhog on four wheels and yet to them the idea of buying a four hundred dollar cell phone that takes high quality digital pictures, has internet access, takes high quality full motion video, holds videos, pictures, music and other things either frivolous or offensive. I remember verbally jousting with baby boomers insisting I drop the price of items such as Blackberry's or iPod's below cost because "It's just a little bit of plastic, it should be free anyway" almost like we should have had a bin so when you walk in the store you just grab a Blackberry on your way in and an iPod on your way out. They have no idea how much research and development that goes into each and every new item that comes out on todays' market. Maybe it's a generational gap of technological understanding. Most of them don't own them but want to but don't want to take the time to learn how to operate their own things. I remember one time a mother and her daughter came in to purchase a cell phone since the girl lost her cell and the mother was there to buy a replacement. I remember the daughter's total embarressment at her mother's harsh insistence that I give her a $279.99 cell phone for free since, "it's so small, how can it be that much? I don't want to pay." The girl was so embarressed and just told me, "sorry, my mom doesn't get it, at all." Well baby boomers, I have to say those little cell phones that can check the weather, check your facebook, look up googlemaps, do your banking or take videos and pictures in real time and send them online ARE worth the several hundred dollars and NO they are not free and never will be. The day they are will be the day General Motors and Ford give away brand new vehicles for free no questions asked. After all, a vehicle is "just" a bunch of metal, rubber and plastic. I remember the skin on my neck literally crawling when anyone over forty came to buy anything electronic.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My New Physical Training Regimen

Lower Body - Day One
1.Jump Squat/Speed Pull/Hang Clean/Snatch/Power Clean/High Pull 9X2
2.Rack Pull/Rack Squat/Reverse Hack Rack Pull/Sumo Rack Pull 6 Rep Max
3.Leg Press/One Leg Press 6X6
4.Decline Sit-Up/Hanging Knee Twist/Cable Crunch 10X10

Upper Body - Day One
1.Incline Barbell Press/Bench Press/Decline Barbell Press/Gorilla Press 4X6
2.Swissball Flye/Incline Flye/Dumbell Flye 3X6
3.Dips 3XY
4.Pullups 4XY
5.Bent Row/Widegrip Bent Row/T-Bar Row/Narrowgrip Bent Row 3X6
6.Widegrip Pulldown/Seated Row/Onehand Seated Row/Narrowgrip Pulldown 3X6 + 1X20
7.Barbell Shrug/Dumbell Shrug/Smith Machine Shrug 3X6

Lower Body - Day Two
1.Overhead Barbell Squat/Squat and Press/One Legged Dumbell Squat 4X8
2.One Leg Press/Leg Press 1X20
3.Leg Extension/One Leg Extension 4X6 + 1X20
4.Smth Calf Raise/Seated Calf Raise 4X6
5.Body Bridge 3XY

Upper Body - Day Two
1.Dumbell Press/Swissball Dumbell Press/Incline Dumbell Press/Neutral Dumbell Press/Seated Dumbell Press 4X6
2.Rack Press/Gorilla Press/Closegrip Rack Press/Floor Press/Incline Rack Press/Push Press/Reversegrip Rack Press 6 Rep Max
3.French Press/Decline French Press/Incline French Press 3X6
4.Overhead Rope Extension/Overhead Dumbell Uni-Extension/Dumbell Kickback/Overhead Dumbell Bi-Extension 3X6 + 1X20
5.Barbell Curl/Bent Barbell Curl/Standing EZ Bar Curl 3X6
6.Alternate Curl/Incline Alternate Curl/Hammer Curl/Incline Hammer Curl 3X6 + 1+20
7.Cable Upright Row/Dumbell Lateral/Upright Row/Cable Lateral 3X6 + 1X20

Lower Body - Day Three
1.Squat/Deadlift/Front Squat/Reverse Hack Squat 3X10
2.Stiffleg Deadlift/Good Morning/Hyperextension 3X8
3.Dumbell Lunges/Barbell Lunges 3X6
4.Leg Curl/One Leg Curl 3X10
5.Swissball Cable Crunch/Decline Board Twist/Hanging Knee Raise 10X10

Upper Body - Day Three
1.Incline Barbell Press/Flatbench Dumbell Press/Incline Dumbell Press/Bench Press/Decline Barbell Press/Gorilla Press 5X10
2.Dumbell Row/Dumbell Pullover/Bent Dumbell Row/Cable Pullover 5X10
3.V-Bar Pressdown/Pressdown/Dumbell French Press/Rope Pressdown/Reversegrip Cable Pressdown 4X6
4.Dumbell Preacher Curl/Cable Preacher Curl/Hammer Preacher Curl/Floor Cable Two-Handed Curl 4X6 + 1X 20
5.Barbell Wrist Curl/Dumbell Wrist Curl 3X12/Barbell Grips 3X30 seconds

Monday, May 3, 2010

The New Place

Spacious, big bedrooms, there's a dog, we will be getting a cat soon but it's cold! It's a very drafty house and it gets nailed by the winds coming off of the marsh. Oh well, the spaciousness makes up for any downsides to the setup like the fact that it'll be two weeks until the internet is setup. I like it and I know I will grow to love it more. It's great, it's cozy and it's home.