Monday, October 31, 2011

A Canadian's Standpoint on American Dreams

Well, the great idle majority seems to have awoken and got off their asses and took to the streets to fight corporate greed and the culture of turning blind eyes to white collar piggery. Can their battle survive the cold winter months? During the entire two terms of the Bush presidency us Canadians were wondering how long the American population would watch their nation be flushed down the can and their economy sold off to Asian countries for cheaper labor and lax environmental policies. As a Canadian I am worried about the American Collapse, in some ways I feel the American population is no longer capable to make decisions in any capacity to properly govern their nation. The Republican Party knows that almost 50% of the states will vote Republican almost as a religion into itself and the Republican Party seems to have taken a nosedive into utter ignorance, stupidity and total blind faith to the upper class almost to a level of supporting a elite caste system. Their maniacal belief that this upper class must remain un-taxed is highly unpatriotic and almost bordering on treason. How can these elites live under the protection of the United States military but pay nothing to support it? Isn't that sort of free-loading on an epic scale? Isn't that free-loading treason?

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