Thursday, March 29, 2012

Generation Why Not?

I have been life lazy lately. Not giving a rat-ass about saving for the future, not saving for the next career move and not saving of paying down current debts. I don't know, sometimes you just don't give a fuck. Sometimes you want to sleep for almost a whole month and sometimes you just want to not give a flying ratty f*ck! I will come out of it, soon, summer is coming soon and I always come out of it. This has happened before. Sometimes you just don't give a fuck, eat 40 timbits, watch a million youtube videos and I don't want to think about the mortgage I should have, the pay I should have at my age, the wife and 2.1 children I should have had. Sorry I was too busy travelling, sorry I was too busy partying and acting way younger than I actually am and dressing way younger than I actually am and no I am in no rush to join the piggly consumer system and get a house and a car and a truck and a boat and a ski-doo and raise fat kids who boss me around and never do anything BUT watch TV and drive them around in an RV while they play video games and eat drive-through food. I can delay all that shit and be self-indulgent for another half decade, thank you very much. I already have for a decade and a half, why not another half decade?

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